Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Final Countdown

As November comes to a close, our involvement with this project must also wane. Having spent the last five months working in Shimbwe on this project, we are confident in its capability for long-term sustainability. We are on great terms with all stakeholders (NGO, community groups, primary school, local government) who have consistently voiced their intention and desire to maintain this project. Thank you all for reading and keeping up with the project.

Below is a link to the first draft of the final project report.

Final Project Report

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  1. Gentlemen: a report that leaves the reader thirsting for the appendices has gotta be one brilliant report! Yours is lucid, engrossing, well crafted and so moving that I was teary-eyed by the time Ana Mushi spoke, and weeping by the end of the final meeting. That you can foresee Menjeni as an international Toggerburg retailer is profoundly visionary; that you have given so many people in the community the wherewithal to improve their lives is stunning. If we are to be measured in life not by what we have, but what we give, the two of you are effing giants. We are in awe, we are inspired, and of course overcome with pride.